Dear patient,

If you wish to present yourself for dental treatment under anesthesia at the Saint Jean Hospital in Brussels, the Anesthesia Department expects you to come to the preoperative Anesthesia Consultation at least 8 days prior to the date of the scheduled intervention. A supplementary fee of € 175.00 will be charged. This will appear on your general bill after the operation. In case of payment problems, please contact the social service of the hospital. Tel: 02/221.94.94

You can book an appointment on the following number 02/221.98.88 or via the website  under the heading “Patient” and “Make appointments”. When choosing your appointment, please respect the consultation hours indicated below

Pre-operative consultation anesthesia

Tuesday 08h00-13h30

Wednesday 14h00-17h30

Thursday 08h00-13h30 & 14h00-17h30

Friday 08h00-13h30

The Anesthesia service